Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the purpose of Studio Manager?

    CatLeap Labs Studio Manager provides precise time, resource and user management solution to the busy schedule of recording studios. It was created on demand by Grace Tunes Studios, Tirunelveli and is now made commercial by CatLeap Labs for other studios to get benefited by the same. We tried to find a billing software specifically marketed to recording studios but we could not find one commercially available so we made it ourselves. Feel free to inquire about product features and new functions if you are interested.

  2. What is the features and functions of Studio Manager?

    • Register your studio with operating days and time for discovery and better exposure via Studio Manager Mobile app
    • Get more clients and exposure by joining our platform of state of the art recording studios across India
    • Generate bills based on spent time on systems with tax, discounts and auto generated bill statement
    • Set up UPI payment option for generating QR code in bill or statement for getting paid quickly
    • Get support for technical issues and troubleshooting Studio Manager and tracked software
    • Manage incomplete sessions (caused by abnormal termination or power failure) with ease
    • Generate PDF or Simple Text bills that are synced to cloud for easy access anywhere
    • Register your studio systems for tracking software usage with separate licenses
    • Get real time notifications on work done in systems via Studio Manager Mobile
    • Create projects and track work done under a single project across all systems
    • Create offdays (holidays or maintenance days) for collision free scheduling
    • Renew licenses for systems one week prior with notifications on startup
    • Schedule work and projects across all systems in your studio with ease
    • Engage users in your studio with the studio group with ease of contact
    • Add missing sessions in case additional work is done without tracking
    • Manage users in your studio and grant administrator access to users
    • Register new producers for projects and bill them directly with ease
    • Refer user manual online via mobile or desktop for getting help
    • Get automatic updates and features for Studio Manager online
    • Work in offline mode with automatic synchronization

  3. What are the limitations of Studio Manager?

    This software requires an internet connection for smooth operation of most of its features. In offline mode, users (previously logged into the system) can start a new session for tracking without any issue. Some software are found to have issues when being tracked by Studio Manager such as drag and drop feature not working or not starting unless given elevation (administrator privileges). We are constantly getting feedback of these issues and will find and fix the issue or provide a solution as soon as possible. For more information regarding the limitations and current issues with Studio Manager, please visit our issues tracker page here.

  4. Who are the target audience of Studio Manager?

    This software benefits both studio owners as well as recordists/producers as users can track their work as it is being done via the mobile application or the desktop application in any studio. Billing is made easy with the payment and bill information made available through cloud and can be accessed any time in any system or mobile with Studio Manager application. This software will benefit studios with a lot of work being done on multiple projects on multiple systems by providing tracking, scheduling and billing features from a single access point to the owners (desktop or mobile).

  5. How do I renew my licenses?

    Studio owners and administrators will be notified once they are logged into studio manager when at least one license for a system in their studio is about to expire one week prior to the date of expiration. Users may renew their licence via UPI payment made through Studio Manager desktop or mobile app. Each renewal will extend the license of each system by one month. Users shall deactivate any unwanted licences prior to making renewals as all systems marked for expiration will get included in the final bill. All amounts indicated via studio manager for license renewal are inclusive of all taxes.

  6. How many systems or licenses are allowed per studio?

    You may register unlimited number of systems under your studio. If you own multiple studios it is recommended to register all the systems under a single studio registration. Do not create a separate registration for each system or each studio under your management or they need to be monitored separately.

  7. What are the prerequisites and software needed for installing Studio Manager?

    Studio Manager is written in Java programming language and will require Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 8 or later to run. Currently the supported operating systems are Microsoft Windows and Apple MacOS. You may download and install JRE 1.8 prior to installing Studio Manager by downloading it here.

  8. Where can I use Studio Manager?

    Studio Manager is currently licensable and usable only in India and its UTs. Installations outside the permitted and aforementioned region shall incur termination of account without notice and payments made in advance shall not be returned in any case whatsoever. Please read our terms and conditions of usage and subscription here prior use.

  9. Can I get a refund if I do not like the product?

    Studio Manager offers one month free trial for trying out its features and getting used to operating and integrating it into your studio systems. If you are not satisfied or would like to report any missing features or functions that can be added to the software, we are more than happy to hear from you. After the license is expired, new sessions and creating bills are not permitted from that system alone and you can deactivate license for any system any time you desire. Licenses work on a pre-paid manner and are not refundable even if it is deactivated by the user.

  10. I have some inquiry/doubt/feedback regarding Studio Manager. How do I reach CatLeap Labs?

    You are very welcome to leave a feedback via Google Forms here and we will address it as early as possible. If you are a studio owner, you may reply to the welcome email you received upon registering your studio. Apart from this, we will provide regular updates and provide assistance via our social media pages in Facebook and LinkedIn. Follow us by clicking the links below for updates and latest information regarding Studio Manager.

    Studio Manager Facebook page

    Studio Manager LinkedIn page