Installation Instructions

Please read the following instructions carefully before installation

  1. Register yourself and your studio

    Everything in Studio Manager is done after authentication. Please register yourself and your studio as you have to enter your studio registration ID to download the software. You can download a maximum number of Studio Manager software installed in your systems you have specified in your studio registration details.

  2. Install Java

    Studio Manager Desktop software runs on Java. Please download and install it from here.

  3. Enter registration ID

    Enter your registration ID in the text box above to download. You will be asked to enter your studio registration ID for both downloading and installation of Studio Manager software. The registration ID will be sent to your studio's email address after registering your studio.

  4. Installation Folder

    After downloading the software, DO NOT RUN IT in the download folder but move it to a separate folder. For example, D:\Programs\StudioManager\. If you have issues creating folder in your main drive (C: drive) create a folder in any other non-removable drive. Folder in a drive other than the main drive (other than C: drive) is recommended for uninterrupted execution.

  5. Security and Antivirus

    Currently the software is not signed and might be flagged by the system's antivirus and protection software. Make sure the software's containing folder is free from interruptions and choose to allow installation and access by the software when prompted. Studio Manager uses files present inside it's parent folder only.

Thank you for downloading our product!