Welcome to CatLeap Labs. We aim, we fly, we leap to the sky!

CatLeap Labs is a collection of innovation oriented, result focused and rapidly adaptive minds who seek to deliver solutions for the ever changing market of management, research and innovation. With the motto of Aim & Fly, we set our sights on innovative, cost effective and much needed solutions that are built to serve both consumers and producers alike, all over the world. With keen focus on research and development, we promote an open ear model where each employee is free to pitch in their innovation and tactics in the constant battle of providing utmost functionality and efficiency.

Our Products

Studio Manager

CatLeap Labs Studio Manager provides complete recording studio management solution with scheduling, project management, spent time tracking, usage monitoring, billing and payment features of multiple systems in your studio.

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CatLeap Labs ChemistryCat is an educational and fun mobile app for students and children to play and learn about atoms and molecules and to get interested in the world of chemistry.

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SuRA – an educational mobile app that facilitates learning for Fisheries graduates across India. It supports 9 basic domain of fisheries science in objective forms for lucid idea and knowledge. An innovative, open access and free mobile application created for the welfare of students pursuing Fisheries Science for successful preparation of ICAR-JRF, SRF and All Indian PhD Entrance examination.

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